Retaining walls are a unique visual component of a well-intentioned landscape design. They add a stately grandeur and dramatic flair to your landscape. However, a professional landscape designer adds these retaining walls for a very specific purpose. They are made to support the earth and create a barrier between one spot on your property and…
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A water feature is a great addition to any landscape. It adds a dynamic visual element to your property, giving it lasting beauty. Some water features can even turn your backyard and patio space into your own private oasis. What could be more relaxing than lounging in a comfortable chair with the gentle sound of…
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Homeowners in Maryland love spending time outside, which is why patios and outdoor kitchens are at the top of wish lists all over the state. These home additions are especially valued during the summer – what better way is there to entertain your guests than cooking delicious food outside? Outdoor kitchens can be made with…
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