All plants need a few things in order for healthy growth – water, sunlight, and proper nutrients are chief among them. We have already discussed some basic watering tips that you should use to ensure that your plants don’t dry out. Nutrients are also very important if you want a lush garden, and gardeners need…
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Cultivating the best garden on your landscape requires an intricate understanding of balance. Plants need just the right amount of sunlight, shade, water, and nutrition to thrive – too much, or not enough, of any of these and your garden won’t be as vivacious or full of life as it could be. Mulching is a…
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It can happen to anyone, from the novice gardener to the experienced landscaper. No matter how carefully you plan out your landscape, sometimes it just happens that you need to remove a tree or a shrub from its current location and transplant it in a new one. This job is very delicate and will require…
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