Mulch is one of the most important tools available to a gardener and landscaper. This material helps slow down the evaporation of water from soil, keeps soil cool and shielded from the sun’s rays during the summer, and insulates plant roots during the cold winter. No matter whether you choose an organic or inorganic mulch…
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With spring on the way, gardeners across the nation are gathering their tools and getting ready for the planting season. But with the plethora of both indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks a homeowner has to worry about during the spring, it can be easy to forget many of the steps that are crucial to the…
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Fall Cleanup in Your Landscape

As beautiful oranges and reds begin appearing on your landscape, the time will soon come when you need to prepare it for the barren winter season. Doing fall cleanup tasks now lessens the amount of work you’ll have to do in the spring, ensures the health of your landscape going forward, and keeps your family…
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The weather has started cooling down a bit in the Mid-Atlantic, heralding the upcoming arrival of fall. Just because the seasons will be changing soon doesn’t mean the color in your garden and landscape have to go away. Nursery and landscaping experts have been able to help homeowners display radiant colors in their gardens throughout…
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