Taking care of your landscape is a year-round commitment that will require some effort even during the dormant winter period. Some care techniques, such as using a safe ice melt during snow events, are relatively indirect and aim to protect the dormant landscape from developing problems that won’t turn up until the growing period begins….
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Fall Cleanup in Your Landscape

As beautiful oranges and reds begin appearing on your landscape, the time will soon come when you need to prepare it for the barren winter season. Doing fall cleanup tasks now lessens the amount of work you’ll have to do in the spring, ensures the health of your landscape going forward, and keeps your family…
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When watered and maintained properly, the plants in a landscape look naturally beautiful and lend an air of elegance to the surrounding property. It’s important to realize, however, that plants are living things that need water and grow just like we do, and sometimes this growth can get a little unruly. Pruning your plants is…
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