Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means the weather will be cooling down over the next few months.  This means that you have to prepare your garden for the change in temperatures. There are some plants and foliage that do not thrive in the fall as they do in the spring and…
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We are in the middle of July which means we are entering the hottest days of summer.  The heat along with humidity can have an effect on your garden; however, you shouldn’t let the summer heat stop you from growing a luscious, beautiful garden.  Discover a few tips to gardening in the heat this summer.

  Spring is officially here, so now is the perfect time to start planting and taking care of your garden once again.  Whether you are new to gardening or an expert with years of experience, starting a spring garden can be a daunting task.  It is easy to get overwhelmed especially if you a lot…
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As a homeowner who has invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources on your landscaping, one of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter is how to keep deer away from the end product. Maryland homeowners, in particular, ought to be wary of the damage deer can do to your garden and other plants –…
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