When planning out improvements to your landscape this winter, it’s worth approaching the situation from two angles. Aesthetic improvements improve the overall look of your landscape by either synchronizing elements together or adding more ornate features. Practical improvements help your landscape function better – this can address a variety of issues. Retaining walls can serve…
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For the last several weeks, we’ve been covering some of the various solutions available to homeowners who struggle with landscape drainage problems. As we’ve discussed before, improper drainage can be devastating to your home and your surrounding landscape. Every rain and snowstorm puts your property at risk of costly damage. One particularly popular solution to…
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April showers might bring May flowers, as the saying goes, but some homeowners understand that those showers can also bring a world of worry. Soil erosion is a major problem for homeowners with inclines and slopes on their property. Without proper treatment by a professional landscaping company, your home will be at an increased risk…
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