As a homeowner, you want to maintain a structurally sound and aesthetically appealing landscape.  However, soil erosion can cause serious issues on your property that can lead to costly restoration if not treated properly.  If you have slopes or hills on your property, you are at risk for topsoil erosion. Common signs of soil erosion…
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Do you want to incorporate natural stone into your home landscape design?  Natural stone is one of the best hardscaping materials on the market because it is highly durable, as well as, aesthetically pleasing.  You will never have to worry about any of the elements damaging your natural stone patio or walkway. If you are…
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Just because the summer air is dry doesn’t mean your yard has to be the same. Are you in need of a little extra curb appeal for your front yard? Here’s a list of three plants to grow in your summer garden that are eye-catching for your neighborhood and cookout guests.

We are in the middle of July which means we are entering the hottest days of summer.  The heat along with humidity can have an effect on your garden; however, you shouldn’t let the summer heat stop you from growing a luscious, beautiful garden.  Discover a few tips to gardening in the heat this summer.

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